Welcome to Arnhem! You are new to our beautiful municipality and that is why the Newcomers Bureau (Bureau Nieuwkomers) helps you. We help you to participate in our society. You will quickly feel at home here.

  • Integration in the Netherlands

    To live comfortably in the Netherlands, you, as a newcomer, must learn the language and understand how society works.

  • Living in the Netherlands

    The municipality of Arnhem helps you to find a house. Below you can read what the rules are and how Bureau Newcomers helps you.

  • Dealing with money

    As a newcomer in Arnhem, you are temporarily entitled to a benefit. You can also apply for allowances.

  • Work and education

    In order to integrate quickly, it is important that you participate in our society. This can be done by learning the language, working or school.

  • Health and care

    In the Netherlands, the healthcare system is good. There is also a strong focus on well-being. It is important to us that you are well.

  • Contact information

    The civic integration coordinators work at the Newcomers Bureau. Your civic integration coordinator helps you with your civic integration.