• Initial registration in the Netherlands

    Are you moving from abroad to the Netherlands? And are you planning to live here for at least 4 months? You are required to register in person with the municipality within 5 days after your arrival.

  • Resettlement after living abroad

    If you are resettling in the Netherlands after having lived abroad, you have to declare your intent with the municipality within 5 days of your arrival.

  • Moving

    Are you moving to or within the municipality of Arnhem? You can register your move with the municipality up to 4 weeks prior to or 5 days after the date of your move.

  • Sponsorship or accommodation provision

    If you want to invite someone from abroad who requires a visa for a short stay, you need a 'Proof of sponsorship or Accommodation Provision'. With this, you declare that you stand surety for any possible costs of the stay.

  • Moving abroad

    If you are leaving to live abroad for a period longer than 8 months - within 1 year - you have to register this with the municipality.

  • Requesting a postal address

    Do you temporarily have no permanent residence? In certain situations you can request a postal address.

  • Immigration

    Everyone who lives in the Netherlands or is there for at least four months in the space of half a year, must be registered in the municipal personal records database (known as the BRP). You must register in the Town Hall within the first 5 days of your arrival if you plan to stay longer than four months.