Registration of birth

The birth of a child has to be registered within 3 days in the municipality where the child was born. If it is not possible to schedule an appointment at the town hall or online within the legal term, please contact the Customer Contact Centre at telephone: 0800-1809.

The father or mother has to register the child in person. If this is not possible due to circumstances, someone else who was present during the birth will register the child.


You can visit the Klant Contact Centrum to register a birth. However, you are required to first schedule an appointment online before you can register a birth.

Schedule an appointment

Do you — the parents — both have Dutch nationality? Then you can complete an online intake form (in Dutch) prior to the appointment.

Documents you must provide

When you register a birth, you will need to provide:

  • a valid proof of identity of the person registering the birth
  • a true copy of the acknowledgement certificate if the child has been acknowledged before birth
  • a marriage or civil union certificate

When should you register the birth?


Day of birth Last day of registration
Monday Thursday
Tuesday Friday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Monday
Friday Tuesday
Saturday Tuesday
Sunday Wednesday


If the last day of registration falls on a public holiday, you can register the birth on the first following workday. Please take the opening hours into account as you plan to register the birth.