• Registration of birth

    The birth of a child has to be registered within 3 days in the municipality where the child was born. If it is not possible to schedule an appointment at the town hall or online within the legal term, please contact the Customer Contact Centre at telephone: 0800-1809.

  • Certificate of Good Conduct

    For some professions, you will need a 'Certificate of Good Conduct' (Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag, VOG). This is a proof of good behaviour that is provided by the Justis Service.

  • Confidentiality of personal information

    You can submit a request to keep your personal information confidential for so-called mandatory third parties.

  • Civil Status Certificate

    The municipality records important events in your life in an official document, a certificate. You can only request a birth certificate, marriage certificate or death certificate from the municipality where the event took place.

  • Excerpt from the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP)

    An excerpt from the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP) is an official declaration that you are registered with the municipality of Arnhem.