Confidentiality of personal information

You can submit a request to keep your personal information confidential for so-called mandatory third parties.

The municipal database of municipality of Arnhem contains information concerning your address, marriage or civil union (if any), parents and children. This information is automatically shared with government agencies such as the Dutch Tax Authority and pension funds.


The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations determines which information is shared with these agencies. You cannot prevent this as it is required by law.

However, you can request confidentiality of your personal information when it concerns information distribution to so-called mandatory third parties. Mandatory third parties include a lawyer who wishes to issue a writ of summons to your address, the interdenominational membership records or so-called free third parties (non-commercial institutes such as sports or music associations or private persons).

Request for confidentiality of personal information

You can submit or withdraw a request for confidentiality of personal information online. We process your digital application immediately and automatically upon submission.

Request online

Terms and conditions

To submit a request for confidentiality of your personal information, you have to be a resident of the municipality Arnhem.

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