Certificate of Good Conduct

For some professions, you will need a 'Certificate of Good Conduct' (Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag, VOG). This is a proof of good behaviour that is provided by the Justis Service.

Employers or institutes can ask for one if, for example, you will start working at a childcare facility, as a teacher or if you become a member of a shooting club. This certificate states that your behaviour in the past is no objection to the performance of a position with your current or future employer.

Request online

You can only request a VOG online if the organisation who requires one — such as your future employer — initiates the request. This is possible via the Justis Service website. The employer will first complete the 'organisation portion' via the internet and send this to the Justis Service. You will then receive a request per e-mail from the Justis Service to complete the 'civilian portion' of the form. You need a DigiD account to do this.


€ 33,85

Request in person

You can submit a completed request form to the Civil Affairs Department of the municipality. You are required to schedule an appointment online. You will receive the request form from your (future) employer or you can print it from the Justis Service website (pdf, 174kB).

Documents you must provide

When you apply for a Certificate of Good Conduct, you will need to provide:

  • a completed and signed request form
  • a valid proof of identity
  • money (payment by debit preferable to cash)
  • In case of an authorisation: a signed authorisation form and a valid proof of identity of the requester (copy) and the authorised person (original)


€ 41,35


The Central Body Certificate of Conduct (Centraal Orgaan Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag, COVOG) will assess the request and send the certificate to the address provided. The Justis Service will make a decision within 8 weeks after receiving your request. In practice you usually receive your VOG within 10 days.