If you want to request a passport, you have to visit the counter of the Civil Affairs Department in person. You are required to first schedule an appointment online.

Your passport will be ready for you after 5 workdays. A passport for adults is valid for 10 years. For young people, up to 18 years, the passport is valid for 5 years.

Schedule an appointment

Documents you must provide

When you apply for a passport, you will need to provide:

  • all travel documents (passport, ID card) that are registered to your name, even if they are no longer valid. If you do not have an old travel document, please take another valid proof of identity with you, such as a driving licence.
  • 1 recent colour passport photo that meets the passport photo requirements
  • money (payment by debit preferable to cash)

Passports for minors

Children up to 18 years can only request a passport with (written) permission (Dutch, PDF, 52 kB) and valid proofs of identity of both parents or guardians. We will only accept an original as valid, not a copy. If the parents come along, they can also complete the consent form at the counter. The child has to be present at both meetings, request and pick up.


  • Passport: € 83,85
  • Passport for adolescents younger than 18: € 63,40
  • Surcharge for urgency request: € 57,05

Urgency request

Do you need your passport urgently? If so, you can submit an urgency request. If you submit your request before 2:00 pm, you can pick up your new passport or identity card the following workday. Please take the opening hours into account as you plan to register the urgency request. A surcharge applies to an urgency request.

Loss and theft

In case of loss or theft of your passport, you will swiftly report it missing online on our website. Your document will be reported as missing in the system. This way you prevent identity fraud. You can only report it online if you live in Arnhem. If you have reported a theft with the police, you have to upload the official report. In case of loss or theft abroad, you always have to report it to the local police. Please upload the official report drawn up by the police abroad when reporting the loss online. Schedule an appointment to request a new passport immediately. The delivery of a new passport may take longer than 5 workdays.

Report lost or stolen passport

Do you prefer an appointment at the Civil Affairs Department? Schedule an appointment to report your document as missing and request a new passport immediately. Reporting your document as missing online is always faster than via the counter at the Civil Affairs Department. The delivery of a new passport may take longer than 5 workdays.


If your passport or identity card becomes damaged, it is no longer valid. You can hand it in at the municipality and replace it with a new one. The costs for the request have to be paid by you.

Pick-up procedure

You do not have to schedule an appointment to pick up your passport, identity card or driving licence. You can do this during the opening hours of the location where you requested the document