Driving licence

You can request a driving licence in person at the counter of the Civil Affairs Department.

You are required to schedule an appointment online. Your driving licence will be ready for you after 5 workdays. A driving licence is valid for 10 years.

Schedule an appointment

Documents you must provide

When you apply for a driving licence, you will need to provide:

  • your current driving licence, if you already have one
  • a valid proof of identity (passport, Dutch identity card or residency permit)
  • 1 recent colour passport photo that meets the passport photo requirements


  • Driving licence: € 51,10
  • Surcharge for the driving licence urgency procedure: € 39,65
  • Surcharge in case of loss/theft of driving licence: € 34,10

Driving licence pick-up procedure

You will receive a pick-up receipt after submitting your request. After 5 workdays, you can use this pick-up receipt and a valid proof of identity to pick up your new driving licence in person at the location you've applied for a driving license. You do not have to schedule an appointment for this.

Urgency request

Do you need your driving licence quickly? You can submit an urgency request. If you submit your request before 2:00 pm, you can pick up your new driving licence the following workday. If you want to submit an urgency request, please take our opening hours into account. You will have to pay a surcharge for an urgency request.

Loss and theft

In case of loss or theft of your driving licence, you will report it missing. Please schedule an appointment.  You can request a new driving licence immediately. If you have reported a theft to the police, you have to bring the official report. This official report will be used to determine whether you have to pay the additional € 63.00 surcharge.

In case of loss or theft abroad, you always have to report it to the local police. Please take the official report drawn up by the police abroad with you when reporting the loss at the municipality. 

The RDW website offers more information about what to do when you've lost a foreign driving licence or when are you not living in the Netherlands and your driving licence been stolen.

Medical examination and personal statement (statement of health)

You have to complete a medical examination before requesting a driving licence if you:

  • are 75 years or older and your driving licence is about to expire, or
  • have a medical impairment, or
  • need a driving licence for a truck or bus

The RDW website offers more information about the medical examination. 

Exchanging a foreign driving licence

If your driving licence was obtained outside the Netherlands, you can exchange it for a Dutch driving licence in specific cases. You can read more about this on the RDW website.