Everyone who lives in the Netherlands or is there for at least four months in the space of half a year, must be registered in the municipal personal records database (known as the BRP). You must register in the Town Hall within the first 5 days of your arrival if you plan to stay longer than four months.

All foreigners who need to be registered, including children, must go to the Town Hall in person.

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What to bring to the appointment

  • a valid form of identification
  • possibly a birth certificate
  • a tenancy agreement of confirmation of the main resident's consent
  • a document showing your residency status

Outside the  EU, EEA (Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland) or Switzerland

If you come from outside the EU, EEA or Switzerland, we can only register you, if you have applied for  a residence permit from the Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst (IND). You can first register provisionally in the BRP. The municipality will give you a proof of notification, to make an appointment with the IND to apply for a residence permit. The IND will return the proof of notification to the municipality. On receipt of this, we will complete your registration in the BRP.


You must be able to submit the original documents and certificates in a current language or translated by a certified translator. A lot of documents from abroad must be legalized or have been provided with an “apostille”.

Personal list

If you have been registered as a resident in the GBA, you will be sent an overview of your personal details within four weeks. We call this the personal list (persoonslijst). Please check the details and contact us if there is error.

Citizen Service Number (BSN)

On the personal list your BSN will be mentioned. You will need this personal number to open a bank account, receive a salary, arrange medical health insurance and in contacts with the government.