Are you moving to or within the municipality of Arnhem? You can register your move with the municipality up to 4 weeks prior to or 5 days after the date of your move.

If you miss the registration deadline, it will have consequences for, for example, your housing benefit, student grant or a parking permit.

Register your move online

Who can register the move?

  • Everyone aged 16 or older
  • Cohabiting spouses/registered partners can register each other
  • The parent or guardian will have to register minors
  • Parents can register their children of age living at home
  • Children of age can register their live-in parents
  • The guardian will have to register a person under legal restraint
  • An authorised representative

Do you not have a DigiD?

If you do not have a DigiD account, you can request one at

Use the form change of address (pdf 161kB). You can sent the form to: Gemeente Arnhem, Afdeling Burgerzaken, Postbus 9029, 6800 EL Arnhem. Please include a copy of your passport or identity card.

When will my move be processed?

In case of a move within the same municipality, you will receive confirmation within 5 workdays after the registered move date. If you are moving from another municipality to Arnhem, this can take up to 10 workdays.