Sponsorship or accommodation provision

If you want to invite someone from abroad who requires a visa for a short stay, you need a 'Proof of sponsorship or Accommodation Provision'. With this, you declare that you stand surety for any possible costs of the stay.

Any possible debts incurred by the visitor will be recovered from you as well. The guarantee is issued for a maximum of 3 months.


A legalised signature is required for a sponsorship or an accommodation provision. This means that the municipality will check your identity and signature. This is the proof that you really are the person who has to sign the document. You are required to schedule an appointment online (choose Signature, legalisation).

Schedule an appointment

Proof of sponsorship

  • You must complete the 'Proof of sponsorship and/or private accommodation' form at the Immigration and Naturalisation Service website.
  • You will sign the form in the presence of the civil servant. Subsequently the civil servant will legalise your signature. Are you married or do you have a civil union? Please visit the Civil Affairs Department together.
  • You have to send the signed form to the person who wants to request a visa for the Netherlands. They can then use it to request a visa at the Dutch embassy.


Legalising a signature costs € 11.80.