Living allowance for Ukrainian refugees

Refugees from Ukraine are entitled to living expenses in the Netherlands. This is provided by the municipality where they are staying. The living allowance consists of different components.

Changes to the living allowance as of 1 February 2023

The rules for the housing and living allowance of refugees from Ukraine have changed from 1 February 2023.  

As a result of this change, the living allowance for Ukrainians is more in line with the financial support for other groups in the Netherlands, such as asylum seekers, other refugees and people on social assistance benefits. The rules that apply to them also apply to Ukrainian refugees. 

This means, among other things, that the living allowance for the entire family stops when refugees go to work. For the refugees who work, it is possible to receive allowances such as child-related budget and childcare allowance. Also, when moving from a private shelter to a municipal shelter, the housing component expires. The complete overview with all changes and amounts can be found on the website of the national government (Rijksoverheid)

Are you being taken care of by a family in Arnhem?

In this situation, the living allowance consists of:

  • an amount for food. 
  • an amount for clothing and other personal expenses.
  • an amount for living. 

Do you currently live at the municipal location (Doorwerthlaan)? 

In this situation, the living allowance consists of:

  • an amount for food money.
  • an amount for clothing and other personal expenses.

Do you currently live at the municipal location (ships)? 

In this situation, the living allowance consists of:

  • an amount for clothing and other personal expenses.

To receive living money, a bank account is required. You can apply for a bank account if you have registered with the BRP. You will then receive a BSN. With your BSN, you can register for the BRP. 

Apply for a living allowance

Are you registered in Arnhem and do you have a BSN? Then you can apply for the living allowance digitally. Preferably, the payment of the living allowance works with your bank account number, because this offers more benefits for you.

Are you unable to request a bank account number? Then you will receive a prepaid card from us. You will receive an application form on which you can fill in your contact details. You must also indicate on this application form why you cannot apply for a bank account number. We will then contact you to issue the prepaid card with the living allowance to you.

Application form living allowance (pdf, 155kB) 

You can also pick up a paper application form at Vluchtelingenwerk. You can also help you apply for a bank account number and a DigiD. Please make an appointment with Vluchtelingenwerk. The address is Oude Oeverstraat 120, Arnhem.

You will no longer receive a living allowance if:

  • you permanently leave the living location.
  • you are going to do paid work. For the other family members, the living allowance will end.
  • if you are not present at the shelter for more than 28 days. In this case, the municipality can stop your care and living allowance.

Are you or one of your family members going to work? Please report this immediately via

Receiving the living allowance

Within 2 weeks after you have submitted the application with your bank account number, we will transfer the money to you. After this first payment, you will also receive a letter with a confirmation about the living allowance. The Living Allowance Scheme started on 1 April 2022. On 1 December 2022 and 1 February 2023, the scheme was renewed.

Extraordinary costs

In exceptional (emergency) situations, you can receive a (partial) compensation for extraordinary necessary costs. This is only possible if you cannot get compensation through another scheme and if you cannot reasonably pay the costs yourself. We therefore first assess whether you are eligible for the reimbursement.

More information

Do you have any questions? Please contact our customer service by e-mail via or telephone number 0800-1809.